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I am trying to get a web application project working, after we moved from a StarTeam repository to a TFS repository. I have a web site on my local IIS for the project; this web site is up and serving static content when I test it, but when I copy and past the URL to that site into the Local IIS Web server's Project Url in VS 2010, I get a message that the local IIS URL has not been configured. The popup that displays this message offers me the chance to create a new virtual directory, but this fails. Anyway, this is not what I wish to do.

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I usually find myself setting things up in IIS and then copying the URL into VS, but I ensure:

  1. IIS has IIS6 management compatibility components installed.
  2. The folder in IIS is the root of a web application.
  3. The app pool for the web app is configured with the correct .NET version.
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Thanks Richard, but your answer reads like a checklist of everything I've already done :-( Good points though. – ProfK Apr 8 '11 at 11:35
This checklist didn't fix it for me either. I don't understand why this is marked as the answer when it is not. – David Silva Smith Oct 6 '11 at 18:48

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