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iam trying to show image preview before upload, for that i am using code given below..

it works with firefox, but, dosent work with IE8

<%= image_tag @image, :id=>"preview-photo" %>
<%= file_field 'image','photo', :onchange => "preview(this);" %>

function preview(this) {
  document.getElementById("preview-photo").src =this.value;

i need help.. Is there any solution to preview the image in IE8 and other browsers?

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Can you post the html code, which the browser will get? –  reporter Apr 8 '11 at 12:22

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I do use https://github.com/blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload for file uploads.

In the spec of this jQuery plugin, you can read:

Preview images can be loaded and displayed for local image files on browsers supporting the URL or FileReader interfaces.

IE8 is not HTML5 compliant thus not compatible with FileReader. You should use flash or friends to achieve that.

Firefox is HTML5 compliant...

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I had made a pure JS solution with fallback for IE users: http://mootools.standupweb.net/dragndrop.php

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This solution works like a charm and has a conditional load for Internet Explorer so it should work for you.

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No, its not working in IE8 IE9 –  alexey_the_cat Mar 11 at 17:58

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