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I have php file from which i am trying to run firefox and getting yslow results. But yslow results are sent in object form some thing like [object Object] results are sent using post method. how can convert it into string in php code and display to web page???

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Please add some more context. What are you sending from where to where using what? – Pekka 웃 Apr 8 '11 at 10:55

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If your object gets passed to JSON.stringify then is should be returned as string.

var a = { "ynumreq": { "score":85} }; // currently an [object Object]
var b = JSON.stringify(a, null); // now "b" is a string representation of "a", "{ "ynumreq": { "score":85} }"

If b is essentially what you're sending to the server like you mentioned where it is being POSTed, if you use json_decode to your PHP (as suggested), it should work.

print_r(json_decode($_POST['string_object'])); // in this case it's '{"ynumreq":{"score":85}}'

You should get

{"ynumreq":{"score":85}}stdClass Object
    [ynumreq] => stdClass Object
        [score] => 85

From there you can start getting values. This is from what I tested based on how you described your data.

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Your question is a bit ambigues. it sounds like you are trying to post a javascript object which is getting converted to a string.

{foo:'bar'}.toString(); // return "[object Object]"

You need to serialize the object if you want to include it in POST data.

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Its the result what i am getting from yslow. while computing the result the values are stored some thing like this: { "ynumreq": { "score":85} }, and while posting to php file they do JSON.stringify(params,null) where param contains the result. how can i fetch the result in my php file and display – su03 Apr 8 '11 at 11:38

I'm assuming it's sent as JSON which you can use the json_decode function -

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i tried using json_decode, but its not working. – su03 Apr 8 '11 at 11:39

The difference between JavaScript object string and JSON is that with JSON the variable name foo is enclosed in double quotes. json_decode doesn't work with JavaScript object strings.

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