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Rounding numbers in Objective-C

In Objective-c How to round off Float values?

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In addition to the other answers:

float theFloat = 1.23456;
int rounded = lroundf(theFloat); NSLog(@"%d",rounded);
int roundedUp = ceil(theFloat); NSLog(@"%d",roundedUp);
int roundedDown = floor(theFloat); NSLog(@"%d",roundedDown);
// Note: int can be replaced by float

For rounding to specific decimals, see the question mentioned by Alex Kazaev.

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You should use roundf instead of lroundf for casting to int without warning. I could not edit your post because of the minimum character change limit for edit. –  ersentekin Apr 9 at 13:00

The function lroundf() will do it:

float a=20.49;
int myInt = lroundf(a);
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what if the value of a is more than 20.5 ? –  ios Apr 8 '11 at 11:43
no. lroundf(a) gives u like if value is 20.75 then it become 21 and if value is 20.45 then it become 20... means more than 20.5 then it will become 21 else 20. :) –  Rakesh Bhatt Apr 8 '11 at 12:17

Convert to int and then convert back to float.

CGFloat *myFloat = 100.765;
NSInteger *myInteger = myFloat;
CGFloat *newFloat = myInteger;

This will work

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That's truncation (floor/ceil) not rounding. –  xaphod Jun 14 at 22:48

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