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I need to scrape(using scrAPI) 400+ web pages ruby, my actual code is very sequential:

data = urls.map {|url| scraper.scrape url }

Actually the code is a bit different (exception handling and stuff).

How can I make it faster? How can I parallelize the downloads?

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Do you need to worry about hitting the server with too many requests at once? –  Andrew Grimm Feb 18 '09 at 6:19

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th = []
data = []
dlock = Mutex.new

urls.each do |url|
  th << Thread.new(url) do |url|
    d = scraper.scrape url
    dlock.synchronize { data << d }

th.each { |t| t.join }

Tada! (Caution; written from memory, not tested, may eat your kitten, etc)

Edit: I figured someone must have written a generalised version of this, and so they have: http://peach.rubyforge.org/ -- enjoy!

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This is pretty much an example used in the Pickaxe explanation of threading:


You should be able to adapt the Pickaxe code trivially to use your scraper.

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