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I'm using the h2o library from and have run into an issue with its variable inspection.

I have an object with child objects that have their own methods. According to the documentation, these should be callable via the dot notation, unfortunately they return empty.


{% for index, object in c.objects %}

    <li>{{}} | {{ object.method_name }} </li>
{% endfor %}

Outside of the template, the method works:

$o = new $ObjectName;
echo $o->childObject[0]->methodName();

But calling that with h2o's dot notation ({{objects[0].object.method_name}}) inside the template does not.

As an aside, non-method call variables (object.variableName) are working fine within the template, so its not an issue of the object being null or something.

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Turns out I had to add:

var $h2o_safe = array('method_name');

Inside the class to make the methods available to the template.

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