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Assuming one wants to migrate a Java application working on ipv4 to ipv6, what is the best 'from ipv4 to ipv6' tutorial available to help Java coders migrating their applications? I am looking for tips, tricks & caveats.

Does anyone have experience to share? Does anyone have good references/link to provide? Else, does anyone have a complete check-list or todo-list? Thanks!

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First should look at this answer

There is no IPv4 to IPv6 mapping that is meaningful. things like and are special cases in the spec, so they have equivalent meaning. But given an IPv4 address it tells you nothing about what its specific IPv6 address would be. You can use a DNS lookup to see if a given IP address resolves to a host which in turn resolves to an IPv6 address in addition to an IPv4 address, but the DNS server would have to be configured to support that for the specific machine.


Networking IPv6 User Guide for JDK/JRE 5.0

Class Inet6Address

For example; isIPv4CompatibleAddress()

public boolean isIPv4CompatibleAddress()

    Utility routine to check if the InetAddress is an IPv4 compatible IPv6 address.

        a boolean indicating if the InetAddress is an IPv4 compatible IPv6 address; or false if address is IPv4 address.
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Unless you assumed a specific address format e.g. in configuration files or storage, there is little to worry about: InetAddress works equally well with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

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