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Where do i get the simulator for MHEG?how to write,compile and run the MHEG application in eclipse?

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There are a lot of high quality MHEG-5 commercial products and several open source ones. I'm only going to list the open source projects here.

  • triton is an open source WYSIWYG compiler and emulator from Ocean Blue Software

  • openmheg is a windows emulator that can run MHEG from a TV capture card.

  • mhegenc Has a compiler and decompiler that converts between text format and ASN.1 DER format ready for transmission by broadcasters that support MHEG-5

  • mheg+ and it's wiki. It has macro expansion and named variables that makes code far more readable, it also has an emulator that can run files from disk or play a recording from a TV capture card. Written in Java so it runs under Windows or Linux.

  • You can emulate MHEG from a TV capture card using red button in Linux. It also has a compiler and decompiler.

You can compile MHEG code in eclipse for any of these.

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