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I recently migrated to IntelliJ 10. My .IML file has several properties such as $MODULE_DIR$ which set up the build environment. These are designed to be checked in so each user can configure his/her own local settings.

But everytime I checkin, IDEA replaces these some of these properties with the actual environment value, for example replacing every occurrence $MODULE_DIR$ in the iml file with my configured value "C:/Modules". This does not seem to happen for other properties, nor for other developers on the team using the same project. Am I missing some setting??


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You should probably read about Path Variables in the Idea help.

I know that $MODULE_DIR$, $PROJECT_DIR$, ard $APPLICATION_HOME_DIR$ are used by Idea to determine where to find Module/Project/Idea stuff (jars etc). So I would guess not using these exact variable names will solve your problem.

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Have you found a place which lists these built-in Path Variables? I tried to navigate to the dialog mentioned in the documentation, but I can't find anything about $MODULE_DIR$, $PROJECT_DIR$, etc. It only lists $MAVEN_REPOSITORY$ on IntelliJ 13.1 – QZ Support May 30 '15 at 19:43

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