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I want some content to only be printed in my node-type.tpl.php if the node has a certain taxonomy term.

With the following I can print the term's name if its ID is 5:

<?php print $node->taxonomy[5]->name ?>

Can I modify the code so it only prints something if the term ID is 5? I tried the following but it doesn't work:

<?php if ($node->taxonomy == '5'): ?> 
    Print something here if the term ID is 5.
<?php endif; ?>  

Im a bit of a newbie with advanced theming so I was hoping to not have to mess about with my template.php.

It seems more complicated than necessary but could the code from here be altered: Drupal - display blocks according to node's taxonomy term ID


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Got it working:

<?php if ($node->taxonomy[5]): ?> 
    print stuff here
<?php endif; ?> 
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