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I'm working on a C++ project and have a CPropertyPage::OnOk() method.

What I'd like to happen is when the user clicks Ok or Apply, the program will perform a check, if the check is wrong, it'll supress the window from closing.

How would I go about to supressing the window from closing?

I've tried a simple return but no go.

For example:

void CApptEditGen::OnOK() 
    if ( prealloc(&m_ai->apapallocate) || Dummy_aftalloc(m_ai) == REDO ) {
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A simple return should do the trick, as demonstrated by the code snippet below from this page on MSDN, which describes the OnOK() function of CDialog (from which CPropertyPage is derived):

/* MyDialog.cpp */
#include "MyDialog.h"

void CMyDialog::OnOK() 
   // TODO: Add extra validation here

   // Ensure that your UI got the necessary input 
   // from the user before closing the dialog. The 
   // default OnOK will close this.
   if ( m_nMyValue == 0 ) // Is a particular field still empty?
      AfxMessageBox("Please enter a value for MyValue");
      return; // Inform the user that he can't close the dialog without
              // entering the necessary values and don't close the 
              // dialog.

   CDialog::OnOK(); // This will close the dialog and DoModal will return.

Are you absolutely sure you've correctly overriden OnOK() on CPropertyPage? If not then the default CPropertyPage::OnOK will be called, which will close the window as you describe.

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I made an edit to my initial post if you'd like to see. – Wesley Pattison Apr 8 '11 at 14:07
Thanks. Could you add an AfxMessageBox call into the first line of your CApptEditGen::OnOK() function so that we can categorically see it's being called? (Or step through it with the debugger.) – razlebe Apr 8 '11 at 14:16
It's being called I know that. I believe I have found my issue, prealloc(&m_ai->apapallocate) || Dummy_aftalloc(m_ai) == REDO are returning incorrect values, thus leading to problems. – Wesley Pattison Apr 8 '11 at 14:18
Bingo - there we go. Don't forget to post and accept your own answer describing what the problem was. :) – razlebe Apr 8 '11 at 14:21
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Used the following to check if value A > value B then return 0 to stop from closing!

BOOL CApptEditGen::OnKillActive()
    CString inpValue;
    if (atoi(inpValue) > freeUnitsAvailable)
        return 0;

    return CPropertyPage::OnKillActive();
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