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I'm using an IHttpHandler to deal with my downloads. It streams out the file. However, this handler needs to compare a token to one that is stored in the session. Therefore, it uses IRequiresSessionState.

The problem is now: as long as IRequiresSessionState is there, the user cannot keep on navigating the website, while a download is running.

Is there maybe a different approach than using a handler, which would solve my problem (I still need to be IIS6 compatible, but if there's a solution for IIS7 only, it would still be okay)?

Note that I cannot change the session check. I have to access the session.

There are so many things in .NET and IIS I have not discovered yet, maybe there is some functionality one could use.

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Cannot you just redirect the request to another handler with the token in the URL so that it doesn't need to access the session any more?

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Good idea but how can I be sure that the other handler redirected to me and not some user tried to spoof the security system? –  Krumelur Apr 8 '11 at 15:06
Yes this is a good point. But if you have GUIDs as identifiers for database objects, this is not a problem, you can let users guess the GUIDs you have - they will not be able to :) However if this token is just an integer value, my solution would not be safe obviously - curious users may want to try different values in the URL :( –  Varga Tamas Apr 8 '11 at 16:01

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