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Here is the array I have:

{=MIN(IF('APRIL 2011'!E3:E999<>"",'APRIL 2011'!E3:E999  
 *('APRIL 2011'!E3:E999*('APRIL 2011'!D3:D999='APRIL TOTALS'!A2))))}  

It still returns zeroes with empty cells!

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You can use the ISBLANK() function to test for blank cells. IF cell A1 is blank, then =A1="" evaluates to true, and so does =A1=0

I don't know of an expression to return a blank value to a cell, so I use "" instead, like this:

=IF(ISBLANK([expression]), "", [expression])
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The issue with your formula is that you are returning the minimum of an array of Boolean products. Because these are Boolean products, products with a FALSE multiplier (the ones you intend to exclude) are counted as 0.

I see a way around this as long as Column E contains no zero values. I've made two big changes to your original formula:

  1. To remove the Boolean multiplier problem, I've used an IF statement to choose multipliers instead of 1 and 0 for TRUE and FALSE. TRUE is still 1, but FALSE is now a large number -- make it larger than any value in Column E. This way, the blank entries will only be the minimum value if they are the only value.
  2. To take care of the case where the large number will be returned, I've made it such that the Minimum value is calculated only if there are non-blank values in Col E for Col D values = A2. If there are no such values, "" is returned.

     {=IF(COUNT(IF('APRIL 2011'!D3:D999='APRIL TOTALS'!A2,  


    *IF('APRIL 2011'!D3:D999='APRIL TOTALS'!A2,1,1000000000000)))}
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Sorry for the formatting of the formula. For some reason, the auto-formatting features on SO don't work when I'm on my work computer. –  Excellll Apr 8 '11 at 17:52

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