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I do a lot of repetitive tasks like running a sas program, uploading the output to a Unix server or downloading it from said server, copying files from one directory to another (where the directory name is based on the current date), and doing a bunch of formatting in Microsoft Excel, and doing some text processing.

What would be a good language for automating some/all of these tasks? I'm looking into Windows PowerShell but was wondering if Perl/Python/Ruby or something else might be a better alternative.


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If you are an IT professional and your intention is automate administration of windows server, you should favourite powershell upon any other scripting language.

You choose powershell in windows exactly as you would choose bash in linux.

Other reasons to choose powershell:

  • you can access WMI and WMI data
  • you gain easy access to .NET framework system part (System.IO and so on)
  • most of Microsoft products have already realeased their powershell cmdlets (SQL server, sharepoint, office, ...)
  • other not-Microsoft products have already realeased their powershell (vmware powercli)
  • you can bind different apis and web services easily

Windows always missed a real shell, and now that you have it, don't esitate!

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Thanks for your response! I guess I was worried about whether powershell is as good as the unix shell...it's good to hear that it's really decent. –  Satvik Beri Apr 12 '11 at 1:18

If you need to interact with Microsoft services PowerShell is the best option but if you want portability Perl or Python is a better option.

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Portability is a non-issue for me, so I'll stick to PowerShell. Thanks! –  Satvik Beri Apr 12 '11 at 1:18

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