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I'm trying to develop an iPhone application which uses the geolocation libraries. Is this feasible for the iphone simulator to simulate the GPS functionality without the use of my PC's Wi-Fi infrastructure? Does anyone know if the iphone simulator can spot your location using your IP-address only (so only the Ethernet cable connection is required)?

Thanks in advance.

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You should test that functionality on an actual device. I believe the simulator will always show Cupertino, CA as the location.

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No it won't work using ethernet. Core location appears to only work with WIFI even though at the end is the same router.

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I've had this exact situation. I had to turn wifi on just to get my location. – Terry Wilcox Apr 8 '11 at 14:22

CoreLocation doesn't work in the simulator, but there are options

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Simulator doesn't have this functionality, but iSimulate has (it's not mine :-( ). It connects the device and simulator per WiFi and sends location events to the application within simulator: real GPS events and a few predefined locations around the world. Pretty cool!

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