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I'm trying to add log4j to a legacy software using eclipse search/replace.

The idea is to find all class declarations and replace them by, the declaration itself plus the definition of the logger in the next line.


".*class ([A-Z][a-z]+).*\{"


"final static Logger log = Logger.getLogger($1.class);"

How can I prepend the matched pattern (the class definition) to the replace string?

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Thanks for you answers, saved me a few hours. I use now "$0\n\n\tfinal static Logger log = Logger.getLogger($1.class);" as replace string. –  stacker Apr 8 '11 at 14:56

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I think you need this:


(.*class ([A-Z][a-z]+).*\{)


$1\Rfinal static Logger log = Logger.getLogger($2.class);
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Notice the \R which creates the line break. And maybe you would like to add some tabs \t so the logger declaration is indented. –  janhink Apr 8 '11 at 14:39

You can always capture the whole thing and put it in. The inner capture group lives in a second backreference.


(.*class ([A-Z][a-z]+).*\{)

Replace with:

$1 final static Logger log = Logger.getLogger($2.class);

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