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I must be asleep already or something because I'm seeing weird things.

I've got a class, called ListSorter (.h/.m), which has 2 extern methods.

The .h looks like:

@interface ListSorter : NSObject {

    BOOL eersteKeer;
    Menu_Versie_DrieAppDelegate *appDelegate;

In an other class, I've imported ListSorter.h in the .h-file, and made an instance of it:

#import "ListSorter.h"

@class ListSorter;
@interface CloseIncController : UIViewController {            
    ListSorter *sorter;

@property (nonatomic, retain) ListSorter *sorter;

So, in the .m-file, I've got:

@synthesize sorter;
//Somewhere down in an IB-action
[sorter addItemToHistoryList:keuze];

I NSLogged both addItemToAlertList and addItemToHistoryList, but it always calls addItemToAlertList. Why's that?

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you can add multiple action to a button, check if you don't add addItemToAlertList and addItemToHistoryList to the same button

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I'm afraid it's not linked to a button at all. It just gets called from another class, using [sorter addItemToHistoryList]. Then it just links to addItemToAlertsList instead of the history list... – Joetjah Apr 10 '11 at 17:53
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Solved it temporarily by creating two classes, both with one of the methods. My guess is the class didn't get allocated properly.

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