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I'm starting develop an application in embedded arm board from I'm a newbie in developing embedded applications. I would like resources like books, online guides that will get me started in to develop applications in embedded arm. I was planing to use Linux as the OS.

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Once everything is running, it is mainly linux programming. If you start with an eval board, I guess you have already a lot of tools. Anyway, you might find the following links useful.

Toolchain : cross-compilation. You can go the easy way, ie download a pre built toolchain from code sourcery. Or you can go the hard way, and build your own toolchain. The hard way is however made easier if you use the right tool. Croostool-ng is sucha project with a very reactive mailing list.

Kernel : well, arm architecture has been in mainline for a while, however, if you have some ARM specific question, you should definitly ask them there

Userspace : Once the kernel is booting, you need a userspace to run, ie some filesystem, shell, C library, init process etc ... To build such tools, there are many options. One is to do everything yourself. You start with busybox, and then continue with the various tools you need. Or you can go with automated and configurable tools. My preference goes to ptxdist, because it has the right complexity level (for my use). Another options is buildroot which I don't know. And if you feel you need something more powerful maybe you can take a look at OpenEmbedded.

I came across som books related to embedded development, but it was more like documented scripts. Building a complete embedded system is hard, and I think you will find more infos in the tools and mailing list than in books.

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At some point you'll need to understand some level of ARM Assembly language. "ARM System Developer's Guide" by Andrew Sloss, et al is a really good book for ARM assembly.

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Take a look at also has some articles on ARM.

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If you have a TS-7000 series board you may want to subscribe to the TS-7XXX mailing list.

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I did that. I also found their development kit is very helpful for a newbie. – yrcjaya Mar 1 '09 at 14:39

Another great embedded linux resource is Embedded Linux: Hardware Software & Interfacing, run by the author of that book. He provides several samples for working with Embedded Linux, most of which are run on the TS-7XXX platform.

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I think it depends on what kind of applications you are going to develop.

For Linux (not Android) and applications nothing special to the ARM device, I don't think you need any ARM-specific knowledge except for build tool-chain. Distributions such as Ubuntu and Arch have ARM-based versions, almost all dev-related packages in their repositories can work with ARM.

For applications using devices such as camera, accelerometer and others, if they have driver on Linux, then nothing to worry about.

What you really need to care about is the hardware components that have no driver or very baremetal drivers on Linux, in such case, you have to communicate with the device directly. You either need to work inside kernel or use ioctl like interface. Then ARM memory management, I/O management (mem mapping, probing, etc), interrupt programming are what you need to learn. Just find the manual for your CPU on vender's site, like find the Intel x86 or x64 development manual.

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