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I want to select a button("Exit") on the ToolStrip after pressing a button ("ButtonFocus To Exit") outside the toolstrip.

I used ExitToolStripButton.Select() on ButtonFocusToExit.Click but which seems like its selecting the button ("Exit") but when i pressed enter it never execute the code in "ExitToolStripButton_Click" .

So the button is still not active. Can anyone have fix to it?

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Did u soldve it ? Are you still facing problems ? – Niraj Doshi Apr 9 '11 at 6:35

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Got the solution ...

First focus on the ToolStrip and then Select the Control on the Toolstrip



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Make sure it has focus. Are you sure the function you are using actually give the object focus? It could just give it the appearance of selection.

According to MSDN:

Select  |  Selects the item. (inherited from ToolStripItem)

It doesn't say anything about focusing it.

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You want to execute the ExitToolStripButton codebehind? You can call ExitToolStripButton.PerformClick();

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Check if event is missing the event handler

Select the ExitToolStripButton > go to properties > events tab> Click Event > select the ExitToolStripButton_Click

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