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I am attempting to create synonyms for a user in Oracle.

    FOR S IN (SELECT owner, table_name FROM all_tables WHERE owner = 'TABLE_OWNER') LOOP
        EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'create synonym '||S.table_name||' for '||S.owner||'.'||S.table_name||'';

I get the following error in Toad when executed:

Error at line 1 ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object ORA-06512: at line 3

Any thoughts?

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Yes, the table name and owner and the synonym name and owner cannot be the same. Only one object/owner combination may exist. You must either change the owner or the name for the synonym from the table name.

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If you are trying to make public synonyms then the command is create public synonym, btw. You are probably running this as the user matching 'TABLE_OWNER', which is causing your problems. –  Horus Apr 8 '11 at 15:40

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