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Hopefully this isn't a stupid question so here goes:

I am using a Web Service that's returning json like this through a jquery post request:

"response": [
            "class": "class blah blah blah",
            "index": 0,
            "item": {
                "imageurl": "image.jpg",
                "description": "<span class=\"span1\"><span class=\"string1\">10 Great Gift Ideas for<\/span><span class=\"string2\">Valentines<\/span><span class=\"string3\">Day<\/br><\/span><span class=\"string4\">Only<br />5 days left<\/span><\/span>" 
            "prices": null 

That is just one part of the response. I need to extract the response.item.description and insert that into a div on the page but when I do, the extra \ are still there which causes the display to break. Is there a proper way to handle the html fragments? I was thinking that I could use a regex to check to see is a \ was followed by a " / etc and strip it. I was also thinking if I changed the data on the server side to be HTML encoded than maybe it wouldn't get escaped but I would rather keep the data the way it is.

Is there anything built into jQuery or javascript that I am missing?

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i think you're looking for unescape(). you should be able to call it like

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I had tried that before, but that just prints the HTML into the page without the slashes when I do $("#someDIv").html(unescape(response[0].item.description)); I need it to actually render as HTML. –  Mike Apr 8 '11 at 16:49
not really sure what you mean, it is real html... and renders properly. take a look at this jsfiddle (jsfiddle.net/r26d6/1) for an example of it working. –  nathan gonzalez Apr 8 '11 at 18:38
This must have something to do with how I am processing the data. I am using jquery templating. When I take my data and use your example it works, but when I try and have the templating api call unescape its not working correctly. I will try to track it down. thanks. –  Mike Apr 8 '11 at 20:15

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