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Okay all, I have seen similar questions asked on this site, but they don't have all the handholding details I'm looking for on this particular issue!

I am in limbo between using the JS version of reCaptcha and a PHP version made for CodeIgniter 1.7.1

With the JS version I have it displayed within the generated HTML but I'm not sure how to get the proper result passed through to the PHP form. The surrounding form currently only posts in the PHP whether there was "any" text input, not if it was proper text. I can monitor the captcha text input field to see if anything was submitted, but this doesn't check the actual javascript for a proper result. I need a PHP function call that can get a call from the HTML that the javascript generates with Recaptcha.create.

You might be thinking: Since codeigniter is PHP why not just use the PHP version of recaptcha? Well the CodeIgniter structure is the most unintuitive PHP and MVC structure I've dealt with. Finding the necessary function calls on this site I am editing has turned into a reverse engineering exercise.

I also have a PHP version, made here, and just like in classic CodeIgniter flavor, the documentation is basically nonexistent. I know that version is for CodeIgniter 1.7, but I don't know what version of reCaptcha it is.

Please don't link me to the codeigniter wiki, just relevant assistance.

It is becoming convoluted to work on implementing the JS version, and parts of a PHP version because one version might be more practical. So I'm asking you guys, thanks!

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This wiki article and library are extremely simple. Because you don't want just a link here is some sample code from the wiki article to get you started.

The code is really quite self explanatory. Set up your config with your public and private keys, then in your controller load the recaptcha & form_validation libraries and show the proper view depending on the status of the validation.


$config['recaptcha'] = array(
  'public'=>'YOUR PUBLIC KEY',
  'private'=>'YOUR PRIVATE KEY',
  'theme' => 'white'


function index()

    if ($this->form_validation->run()) 
      $this->load->view('recaptcha_demo',array('recaptcha'=>'Yay! You got it right!'));
      //the desired language code string can be passed to the get_html() method
      //"en" is the default if you don't pass the parameter
      //valid codes can be found here:
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Okay, I have that set up already but I'm not sure how that works with the rest of the form. There is a name field, email, phone number - these are checked to see if there is any content in them, I need the condition to also get the value from the recaptcha code. Can I just copy the $this->load->library functions? Also I don't have anything in a folder named helper or a file named form in that nonexistant folder – CQM Apr 8 '11 at 23:19
The form helper is a built in helper. I'm getting the impression you don't understand how the form validation class works. You need to set your rules such as $this->form_validation->set_rules('email', 'Email', 'required'); and if they all validate then $this->form_validation->run() will return true. The documentation has a great explanation for how it works, with examples. – akpb Apr 10 '11 at 1:32
Okay. So I download the code. Move all the files to the appropriate folders. Set the keys in the config/recaptcha.php file. Then where I have my form submit logic I put in the $this->form_validation->run() function. Then in the HTML I do what?? I need to display the captcha for user input. I see google's code for adding the php recaptcha into non-code igniter documents, but I'm not sure which parts of that are relevant. And I'm not sure how I'm supposed to be making calls to particular files. Right now I have – CQM Apr 12 '11 at 19:52
<? $this->load->view('recaptcha.php'); $publickey = "thekeynumbersandgibberish"; echo get_html($publickey); ?> this currently breaks my HTML page, I figure I'm not calling the file and function correctly using code igniter syntax. What is the proper syntax? This was not included in the code igniter documentation. – CQM Apr 12 '11 at 19:52

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