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I often find myself trying to do something related to the element clicked, and end up with a string that looks something like this:

$('input.Button').click(function(event) {

I strongly suspect traveling up the DOM via parent and back down via children is costly, not to mention a PITA to write, but I don't know a better way to do it yet. If someone could tell me how to write something like this better, I would appreciate it. In all cases, the element that is changing is related to the element clicked, so I can't just do a simple:

$('input.Button').click(function(event) {

Because that would show everything, rather than just the one in the same container as the input button.

Note, this was a generic example, but I'm finding my work filled with examples like this and I don't know how to optimize it.

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I use .closest() for this.

$('input.Button').click(function(event) {
   $(this).closest('div.SelectOption').find('div.Options > p.Option').show();
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