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I'd like to see some online vs. offline image optimizers comparison numbers, namely Yahoo! Smush.it vs. OptiPNG or pngcrush.

How those things differ in speed and resulting image size, and what is the best choice?

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Very detailed and comprehensive comparison — with lots of tools and results on many different types of PNGs and optimisations:


I think it's a much better source than PunyPNG's small comparison showing that their tool is best [partly at converting image formats rather than optimizing existing format] :)

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wow, that site needs a chart or summary. –  David Silva Smith Jun 26 '14 at 17:23

I really don't know how reliable the information on this site is because they have their own compression service but take a look at the comparison in the URL: http://punypng.com/about/comparison

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That one is not on the question, but thank you. –  idle sign Jul 30 '11 at 16:11

yes I use imageoptim on mac too. But if your on a pc you should go with png crush it is well known and has done very well for me so far!

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