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Is there a way to save Properties in Java with some formatting using the Properties object? Like is there a way to introduce new lines between entries? Or comments before each key?

I know this can be easilly done with normal I/O but wondered if there's a way of doing it with the properties object.

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What does "JAVA" stand for? –  Steve Kuo Apr 8 '11 at 18:59

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The key to writing a comment between each set of properties is to store them in multiple Properties objects.


FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream("c:/myconfig.property");
Properties prop = new Properties();
prop.put("com.app.port", "8080");
prop.put("com.app.ip", "");

prop.store(fos, "A Test to write properties");

Properties prop2 = new Properties();
prop2.put("com.app.another", "Hello World");
prop2.store(fos, "Where does this go?");


This will produce an output such as

#A Test to write properties
#Fri Apr 08 15:28:26 ADT 2011
#Where does this go?
#Fri Apr 08 15:28:26 ADT 2011
com.app.another=Hello World
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This will give me all the controll I need. Using different Properties objects I can add the coments I want and store them in the order I want. Thanks! –  javydreamercsw Apr 8 '11 at 18:33

I have made a class that handles comments in properties. Both general header comments and comments for individual properties.

Have a look at : CommentedProperties JavaDoc

The jar file can be downloaded here : Download jar file from sourceforge

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Please insert the main point of your answer here as an example, so in case of broken links an answer could still be found here. Thanks! –  Samoth Nov 13 '13 at 13:57

No. How would the Properties element know what comments to write before each key?

You can include file-level comments when you Properties.store( Writer, String ). After that comment and a timestamp comment:

  Then every entry in this Properties table is written out, one per line.
  For each entry the key string is written, then an ASCII =, then the associated
  element string. For the key, all space characters are written with a 
  preceding \ character. For the element, leading space characters, but not 
  embedded or trailing space characters, are written with a preceding \ character. 
  The key and element characters #, !, =, and : are written with a preceding 
  backslash to ensure that they are properly loaded. 

On the other hand, you can provide instructions on writing extra lines and comments in properties files -- using a Properties object as a source of data.

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The Properties object itself doesn't retain any details about the structure of how it was saved in the file. It just has a map of data, which in fact means it won't even necessary write them in the same order they were read. You'll have to use normal I/O to keep the formatting and make your desired changes.

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