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I have a page named somepage.html and the page otherpage.html as iframe in somepage.html the source of somepage.html is

<body><iframe src="otherpage.html name="frame"></body>

The source of otherpage.html is

<body onload="somefunction()" onunload="otherfunction" >the other content here</body>

I want to disable the onload function without touching the code of otherpage.html(iframe). I want to disable it on somepage.html Thank you in advance

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In IE you can use the security="restricted" attribute. It doesn't do what you want (disable javascript altogether) but should force the IFRAME to run in a differnent zone and prevent it from accessing your page.

The HTML 5 sandbox attribute, when implemented, may also be close to what you are looking for. In particular allow-scripts. Now you just need it to be implemented in a majority of user's browsers ;)

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This doesn't help......i want to disable only the onload and onunload – DIMOS Apr 8 '11 at 18:57
Don't think its gonna happen. I thought it was a nicer answer than this comment though lol. – John Apr 8 '11 at 19:15

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