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I have verified that in Linux the following values are assigned to the kernel and user-space segments respectively:

__KERNEL_CS = 0x60
__KERNEL_DS = 0x68
__USER_CS = 0x73
__USER_DS = 0x7b

After examining the Linux source, I wasn't able to identify where Linux sets the above values into these segments. Actually, I've found the following assigments (/arch/x86/include/asm/segment.h):

#define __KERNEL_CS (GDT_ENTRY_KERNEL_CS * 8)           /* 2*8 = 0x10 */
#define __KERNEL_DS (GDT_ENTRY_KERNEL_DS * 8)           /* 3*8 = 0x18 */
#define __USER_DS   (GDT_ENTRY_DEFAULT_USER_DS* 8 + 3)  /* (5*8)+3 = 0x2B */
#define __USER_CS   (GDT_ENTRY_DEFAULT_USER_CS* 8 + 3)  /* (6*8)+3 = 0x33 */

Any help towards the understanding of this will be appreciated.

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My mistake..I was looking the X86_64 defines instead of the X86_32 ones..now is shorted. – limp Apr 9 '11 at 12:04
$ egrep -srl '(KERNEL|USER)_[CD]S' arch/x86/kernel

I'd look at entry_32.S.

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