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I`m making a GUI for my java program using Swing Components and Netbeans IDE.

My problem is that I can't easily put the components on where ever I like in the jFrame. When I drag and drop a component on the frame, other components of the frame start changing their positions and even sizes! Have anybody else face such problem? Should I edit or configure anything?

Thanks in advance

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GridBagLayout is the granddaddy of layouts. You can do virtually anything you want to do with it, but it has a bit of a learning curve. But what you will probably find is that you chose different LayoutManagers for different purposes.

NetBeans is great for GridBagLayout because you can tweak the GridBagConstraints properties int the WYSIWYG editor untill you like what you see.

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I found the solution. My problem was that I wasn't using an appropriate Layout. I should set the layout of the jFrame I`m using by right clicking on it in the inspector window to Null.

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