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I have a fair simple taglib like this (query is simplified for the sake of example):

def toptopics = { attrs, body ->
    def topics = Topic.executeQuery("from Topic")

    topics.each { topic -> 
        out << body(topic:topic)

Then I use it in the gsp as follows:

        <li><a href="#">${topic.name}</a></li> 

Then I'm trying to write a test for it (code below):

void setUp() {
    taglib = new MySampleTagLib()

void test_each_in_collection() {
    assertEquals("tag 1;tag 2", taglib.toptopics() { "${topic.name};" })

But it keeps failing. The test output complain about "No such property: topic for class: MySampleTagLibTests

For some reason it's trying to evalute ${topic.name} before passing the string to the taglib. I've tried escaping the dollar sing with no success. Any tips on this?

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To test a taglib, you should extend TagLibUnitTestCase. When you use this class you don't instantiate your tag class directly (as in the code above), but instead an instance is made available to you through the tagLib property. For example, let's assume I want to test the repeat tag of FooTagLib. This tag takes a single attribute and expects the tag to have a body that uses variables.

class FooTagLibTests extends TagLibUnitTestCase {

  FooTagLibTests() {
    // This line isn't necessary in this case because the test class is in the same package 
    // as the tag class and named ${TagLib}Tests

  void testRepeat() {

    def someText = 'blah'

    // tagLib references an instance of FooTagLib. Invoke the bar tag passing it attribute
    // values and a body
    tagLib.repeat(times: '2') {
      "body $someText "

    // compare the expected and actual output
    assertEquals 'body someText body someText ', tagLib.out.toString()
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Is this supposed to work on grails 1.3.5? Also, if $someText is defined inside the taglib, why you need to declare it in the test? In my case even using TagLibUnitTestCase it keeps failing with the same message. –  Jose Muanis Apr 11 '11 at 5:19
If you show the code and error message maybe I'll be able to help you –  Dónal Apr 13 '11 at 15:23

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