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I have a version string in my application. Can I append a "master" string in my master and "development" in my development branch?

For now I can merge dev to master, change a version manually to "master", merge back to dev branch, change manually back to "development". Can I avoid that merging?

Edit: I've found similar questions:

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The only solution I've found it to use an output of "git describe". But this requires to deliver a git with a sole purpose of displaying a version. Maybe git can do some automatization when merging to the specific branch?

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Why do you need to know which branch the source is in within the source when you have a version control system? Just seems very redundant if not unnecessary. –  ralphtheninja May 1 '11 at 22:19

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If you don't mind a dependency on python, there is vcprompt


It's been derived from other work, which if I recall correctly uses C-code to establish a description (I haven't checked it)


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