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I've looking into a lot of different methods, but most of them require adding a file to System32, while I'm looking for a line that would allow you to move something to the recycle bin without anything being added to a computer, because I want something that would work on all Windows computers immediately. Rest assured that the deletion will not delete any major files and will ask for confirmation. I am thinking of using system("") in C++ to run the line.

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See SHFileOperation with FOF_ALLOWUNDO.

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Important caveat: "If pFrom is set to a file name without a full path, deleting the file with FO_DELETE does not move it to the Recycle Bin, even if the FOF_ALLOWUNDO flag is set. You must provide a full path to delete the file to the Recycle Bin." –  Ben Voigt Apr 8 '11 at 22:08
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There are a number of Recycle-Bin commandline tools mentioned here on alt.comp[1] (It even includes a fully automatic daemon that translates any file delete into 'move-to-recycle-bin')

The most popular seems to be Recycle from CmdUtils by Maddog, which is free and open source (GPL).

[1] Command line delete to recycle bin?

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