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I would like to know if it is possible to access a variable declared in another file. For example:

                   "", "uploaded",

Here, I'd like to replace with a URL stored in a variable, but with the variable declared in another file. How do I do this in Java?

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You can declare in another java file a public static variable which can then be accessed every where else.

For example,


package com.my.app;
public class Class1 {
    public static String URL = "";


package com.my.app;
public class Class2 {
    public void Function(){
        httpPostFileUpload(client, "/data/data/fshizzle.com/files/image.jpg", 
                       Class1.URL, "uploaded", s.getSelectedItem().toString());

Class2 can see Class1 because both are in the same package (if they weren't, a simple import Class1; would fix this)

The static keyword means you can use the variable even without having access to an object of the specified class.

Finally, the public keyword allows you to access the variable from outside the class.

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Thanks thanks thanks it is now clear ! –  user2080866 Apr 9 '11 at 15:41

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