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I am a Windows Azure beginner. My first project is to write a collaboration server on Windows Azure. This server would allow users to post messages, links, documents, comments, etc.

Is it feasible with Windows Azure?

If so, what kind of storage should I use (SQL, blob or tables)

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This is a very broad question. The short answer is yes, it is possible. Windows Azure is mostly Windows Server 2008 (from a programming platform perspective). Roughly speaking, anything you can design and build for Windows Server 2008 would work on Windows Azure. I'm sure that for the type of app you are describing, there're already samples/OSS/packages that are pretty close to what you need.

Choosing SQL, blob, tables is a longer discussion and requires more details to provide a definite answer. No short answer for that.

For example: SQL is well known, there might be pre-built software packages you can use, you are comfortable with the technology, it requires < 50GB without partitioning, etc.

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Please disregard my last comment, I accidentally posted it beneath the wrong answer. Oops! –  Leigh Sep 7 '13 at 22:44

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