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I couldn't find a way to do this on the web but if any of you know of a good link I'll love to read up on it.

I have a total of five sheets in a workbook. My task is to create a combo list button in the first sheet that will be able to point to the other four. If a user chooses one of the sheet names then the button will automatically activate the chosen sheet. It is unlikely that sheets will be deleted, though likely that sheets will be added.

I'm not even sure how to get the sheet names to show up on the combo list.

Thank you,

Jesse Smothermon

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In order to make the combobox change the active sheet, I believe you'll need to use VBA (as I don't know how to do it using validation lists).

To do it, you'll have to:

1st - Add a combobox into your first sheet and properly name it (I called it cmbSheet). I suggest to use an ActiveX Combobox (in Excel 2007, under Developer tab).

2nd - Open VBA and add the below code into your workbook code. This code will populate the combobox with the sheet names every time the workbook is opened.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

    Dim oSheet As Excel.Worksheet
    Dim oCmbBox As MSForms.ComboBox

    Set oCmbBox = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(1).cmbSheet


    For Each oSheet In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets

        oCmbBox.AddItem oSheet.Name

    Next oSheet

End Sub

3rd - Now, go to the code of your first sheet (where the combobox has been added) and add the code that will activate the sheet chosen in the combobox. The code is

Private Sub cmbSheet_Change()


End Sub

Now, when the combobox value changes, the respective sheet is activated.

Let us know if something ins't clear and we'll help you out.

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Use a validation list.

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Depending on your application, you might consider using the VCR-like controls that are to the left of the sheet tabs. See

and search the page for VCR to see an image example.

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