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I have a query to fetch the top 50 entries based on a total_score field. From these top 50, I need to be able to order them by any of their other fields. I tried using multiple ORDER BY statements, but the result set never changes. Here's my query:

SELECT, , e.total_score 
    entry e 
    e.total_score DESC, ASC

I think I understand why this doesn't do what I need, so I suppose my question is how can I achieve my goal? In the end I always need the 50 entries with the highest total_score, but this selection should be then orderable by any other field.

If this isn't possible in MySQL, I can do it with PHP, but I'd rather let the DB handle this.

Note: I'm using Doctrine 1.2 on top of a MySQL 5 DB.


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ORDER BY, when used with multiple columns, only uses the subsequent columns in case of tie in the previous ones.

Try using nested queries

    SELECT TOP 50, , e.total_score, e.(YOURFIELD)
        entry e 
        e.total_score DESC ) x ORDER BY x.(YOURFIELD)
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You need a subquery

select * from (
                 select ..... order by .... limit 50
               ) as t
order by something_else
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