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From what I've read, this is how I should check for any records...

    v = PC_Applications.all().filter('column =', value)
if not v:
    return False

But this returns an error!

IndexError: The query returned fewer than 1 results

Any ideas to doing this? I've read that .count() is a bad option. I'm new to Python and App Engine so thank you for any patience!

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if not v.get():

From App Engine, Query Class get()

Executes the query, then returns the first result, or None if the query returned no results.

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Thanks! My fault for not reading the documentation closely. –  Ryan Apr 9 '11 at 11:25

This should work:

q = db.Query(PC_Applications, keys_only = True)
if not q.get():
    return false

I think .all().filter('column =', value) is even worse than .count, because it's not doing a keys-only query.

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If you actually want to use the records, do something like:

results = PC_Applications.all().filter('column =', value).fetch(how_many_you_want)
if results:
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