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Are there any IDE's that allow building of web pages / user interface using javascript frameworks such as JQuery in a WYSIWYG manner?

For example, similar to how Dreamweaver allows you to build HTML pages or NetBeans allows you to graphically design Java applications, Flash Builder can graphically design flash applications.

I would think by now there is something that would let you plug in a javascript framework such as JQuery/JQueryUI or YUI or Prototype, etc. and for example drag in a JQueryUI styled button and position it and size it. Throw on some JQuery fields or a datagrid?

Update: I have found a couple, so I am sure there must be more:

Sencha Ext Designer (commercial) -- supports the ext js framework, JQuery/Prototype and others.

Maquetta (open source) -- supports Dojo, some Jquery/YUI

Wakanda (open source) -- very interesting, looks like their own JS framework. May require the use of their back-end server for db, etc.?

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I agree current IDE really really sucks ! Intellisense alone is just syntactic sugar it doesn't give any idea of what you're building. –  user310291 Jul 23 '11 at 19:38
What's with these dumb, clunky browser-based UI designers? (Maquetta) Developers too dumb or lazy to create standalone tools or Eclipse plugins these days? No matter I guess, it looks like it was "suspended" - not maintained anymore. –  Perce Aug 14 at 22:33

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For jQuery UI

IxEdit is a JavaScript-based interaction design tool

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But it's 18 months later and that link still says "public beta". :( –  Perce Aug 14 at 22:28

Dreamweaver 5.5 allows you to access to all jQuery library features.

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This works with jQuery Mobile only: RIB

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There is Alpha Five as well, but this is only applicable if you are building a database application. Wicked product.

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Wakanda v1 is out (beta phase is over).

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There's Google's GWT Designer (for GWT) and Atlas (for Cappuccino). Simpler, more Web-centric UI frameworks don't really lend themselves to a GUI designer, in my opinion, but some apps probably try to do it anyway.

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both links are now dead. Please update. –  UserZer0 Jul 28 at 1:56
…or you could do it yourself. –  Nicholas Riley Jul 29 at 0:46

Codiqa (https://codiqa.com/) a SAAS GUI builder, HTML5/jQuery UI.

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Looks like this is mainly (?) for mobile development. Haven't checked all details though. –  user465139 Jun 5 at 10:39
If not, they're certainly catering to mobile heavily. WYSIWG is almost pointless with a tiny mobile UI. Enterprise PC desktop apps is where this is really needed. –  Perce Aug 14 at 22:26

To create a GUI with jQuery UI widgets you can take a look here: http://umyproto.com.

Widgets are placed in the page by drag and drop, also you can write JavaScript for events, and finally you will have a bunch of HTML files which you can use in your code of an application. it's really exciting, try it - you'll find a lot more for you.

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While this link may answer the question, it is better to include the essential parts of the answer here and provide the link for reference. Link-only answers can become invalid if the linked page changes. –  Pablo Jul 23 at 14:59
Sorry for your inconvenience, but I couldn't provide full overview of the tool in the comment. It seems that 3 lines of text is enough to cover all essentials of a GUI builder. –  ipselon Jul 24 at 9:09
Web-based only designer with a subscription? Worthless –  Perce Aug 14 at 22:23

Hey have you listen about linb visualjs. it works great with all server side languages with over 40 components with drag and drop and it is open source also with a good example book. but you must know how to use JSON because it is totally based on JSON.

But good news is JSON is nothing but Javascript Array.

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I'm not sure this answer makes much sense –  Andrew Barber Oct 6 '12 at 1:49

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