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I've created a class derived from UIImageView (class name Customer). Within this Customer class I implemented the method "touchesBegan" .

Also, I applied a CABasicAnimation to the layer of the Customer class . (the animation simply moves the imageview. it's neccessary because i want to track the animationDidStop event) .

the problem is that the touchesBegan doesn't work when i touch the current position of the imageview. it works only when i touch the original frame (where it was created).

My suggestion is that touchesBegan not applying on the presentationLayer, but on the original frame .

Do you have a way of solving this issue ?? I really would like to solve this from within the Customer class , and not from the main UIViewController .

Thanks a lot, Shahar.

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Have you enabled userInteraction flag to YES for Customer class.


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Yes I have. When I clicked on the origin frame's position it does work. But the frame moves via CABasicAnimation which changes the presentationLayer . I wish to catch the click within the presentationLayer .. – Shahar Biran Apr 16 '11 at 0:26

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