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I want a Page Layout to have a 'Content Editor WebPart' with a static HTML. I don't want to use the ContentLink trick as I can't change the HTML there .... I got to know it can be done by adding the HTML to the 'Content' property of 'Content Editor WebPart'. The issue is when I try to do that in SharePoint Designer it doesn't allow me to do that !

How can I set the Content Property to my HTML CODE ... ?

Regarsd, H.

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If you are editing a page layout and you want static HTML in it, why don't you add just put the static html into the page layout and skip the CEWP?

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I want static HTML to be set by default to a CEWP since the user for which I am developing is not a developer and he would just make some basic formatting changes in the HTML. –  Hardik Shah Apr 12 '11 at 22:01
I found the solution - Goto the Master Page Gallery and note the full file-name of the Page-Layout. Now enter the URL as [...]/_catalogs/MasterPages/Page_Layout_FileName.aspx If this page has a CEWP then it would show up as a Editable SharePoint page and you can now modify the CEWP to add new HTML content. –  Hardik Shah May 24 '11 at 21:48

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