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I have created these projects separately and compiled successfully.

  1. MyApp - MyApp.exe
  2. Mydll - Mydll.dll 'It has s dialoguebox.Simple.

I want io include this dll to the app so that I can instantiate obj and call methods of the dll from the app. This is what I want to do.

Steps so far

I have put the name of lib in

Project Properties->Linker->Input->Addtional Dependencies

Tools->Option->Project and Solution->VC++->Library Files

put the path where the library files were (do I need to put the path of the debug folder where the dll/lib contains or I can copy the dll/lib to different folder and put this path?)

Tools->Option->Project and Solution->VC++->Include files

put the path of the header file of the dll/lib

All this done!

Compiler error

error C2065: 'IDD_DIALOG_CRINV' : undeclared identifier" IDD_DIALOG_CRINV is the dialogbox in the dll

I cannot figure out why this error occurs?is this something related to resource files? Do I need to reference somewhere the resource file?

After fix this, how can I create a instance of the dll and call the messagebox?

Is it something like below? I create a event for button_click on the application.exe;

void CApp::OnBnClickedCreateDLLDlg(){
    // TODO: Add your control notification handler code here
    CCReateDLLDlg test;
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This error means that your application source file does not have include of an h-file where your constants from the DLL project are defined.

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