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I have some issue here which I don't know how to solve in a good way. For example, I want to use BaseForm[1/3, 3]. However, this does not do what I intended unless I input BaseForm[1/3.,3]. Given the data in Rational form, how to turn it to Real? I tried with Apply, it does not work. (Strange enough, uh? To me, Apply can always be used to change header.)

To this specific problem, I could have done something like BaseForm[1/3*1.,3], but it really isn't very nice.

Thanks for your help.

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Using Apply works; it changes the head of the expression. Real@@Rational[1,3] == Real[1,3] -- but what is Real[1,3] mean? You could just use N@Rational[1, 3]... –  Simon Apr 9 '11 at 5:32
@Simon: oh, I see. Just forgot to see the nonsensical Real[1,3]. –  Qiang Li Apr 9 '11 at 5:35

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BaseForm takes a rational in base 10 to a rational in what ever base you want... so it does what you expect.

In[1]:= BaseForm[1/3,3]
Out[1]//BaseForm= Subscript[1, 3]/Subscript[10, 3]

And as you pointed out, giving it a Real number can be done like:

In[2]:= BaseForm[1/3.,3]
Out[2]//BaseForm= Subscript[0.1, 3]

The safest way to change things would be to define your own baseForm which is the same as BaseForm except for when it's given rational numbers:



In[3]:= baseForm[1/3,3]
Out[3]//BaseForm= Subscript[0.1, 3]

The less safe way (because you don't know what else it might break) is to redefine BaseForm

BaseForm[r_Rational, b_] := BaseForm[N[r], b]

and then use as normal.

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I may be missing the subtlety of your request, but if you always want a real-number output, why not merely use N?

BaseForm[N[1/3], 3]
(*  Out=  0.13  *)
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