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<div id="nav">
                <li class="item"><a href="">Home</a>/</li>
                <li class="item"><a href="two">Tab2</a></li>
                <li class="item"><a href="three">Tab3</a></li>
                 <li class="item"><a href="four">Tab3</a></li>

now, i want to add class='active' to the menu. when the menu is the current page.namely. when i on the home page. the li label is <li class="item" class="active"> the others are <li class="item">. when i on the Tab2 page. the li label is <li class="item" class="active">.the others are <li class="item">

PS: IF I want to add the class="active" to a label, like this <li class="item"><a href="" class="active">Home</a>/</li>. how should i do? according to the Headshota's instruction. i got this, but it's too complicated. is there a simple way to get it with php? thank you.

$current = array("","two","three","four");
<li class="item"><a href="" class="<?php if($GET[$current(0)]=="") echo "active"; ?>">Home</a>/</li>
 <li class="item"><a href="two" class="<?php if($GET[$current[1]]=="two") echo "active"; ?>">Tab2</a></li>
     <li class="item"><a href="three" class="<?php if($GET[$current[2]]=="three") echo "active"; ?>">Tab3</a></li>
      <li class="item"><a href="four" class="<?php if($GET[$current[3]]=="four") echo "active"; ?>">Tab3</a></li>
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Try this. This will add class to menu when you click on it:

$('#nav ul li').click(function(){
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in Jquery you can compare link hrefs with part of the url, but it's not a good practice...

you can have url parameter, for example menu_id

which you'll pass on every request. and check on every menu for appropriate value;

<li class="item <?php if($_GET['menu_id']==1){ echo 'active';} ?>">
  <a href="blablabla.php?menu_id=1">Home</a>
<li class="item <?php if($_GET['menu_id']==2){ echo 'active';} ?>">
  <a href="blablabla.php?menu_id=2">Tab2</a>
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if i want to add the class="active" to the a label? how should i do? i assign the null and one two three four to a variable($current), then in each line <a class="<?php if($_GET['current']==..){ echo 'active';} ?>"... am i right? –  zhuanzhou Apr 9 '11 at 6:38
yep that's right. –  Headshota Apr 9 '11 at 6:41
thank you., i am a newbie of php,i have added my code to the quertion. Is the code right? –  zhuanzhou Apr 9 '11 at 7:03

The javascript-only solution, use window.location to check which page we are at, and highlight <a> tags whose href attribute contains some part of the location:

$("#nav a[href$=" + window.location.pathname + "]").addClass("active");

The above example assumes that the links' href begin with / and contain /full/path/to/page. If you are comfortable with regular expressions and string operations you can tweak your example according to your needs, e.g. if you only use file name inside href:

// value of window.location: http://example.com/some/path/phpinfo.php?1234
/[^\/]+$/.exec(window.location.pathname)[0]                          // returns phpinfo.php
/[^\/]+$/.exec(window.location.pathname)[0] + window.location.search // returns phpinfo.php?1234
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