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I am using WIX at the moment, but keep on running into limitations (such as ability to expand properties as the value of another property). Also not sure if I ran into a bug with the FileSearch element, because it is not working as expected (does not find a file that is definitely there). I can go the route of using custom actions built into a dll, but was just wondering if there is a beter way.

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I think the best tool (maturity, features, documentation, easy-of-use) is currently AdvancedInstaller. I'm not usually recommending commercial tools but this one is really good value for money.

They also have freeware edition for basic needs.

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Looks good! Would've liked to see this before spending hours learning WiX :) But there are advantages having the installer integrated into your IDE and build process, especially since Visual Studio 2010 will probably have WiX (or whatever they call it) built in. – si618 Feb 24 '09 at 21:47
I have AdvancedInstaller fully integrated into my build process. They have very good command line support. – lubos hasko Feb 24 '09 at 23:38

I have been using Installshield almost a decade by now.

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