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What is the best way to chart a 3D scatter graph in C++?

Or maybe it's easier to use an external programs. Can you recommend my anything?

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What platform are you on? How do you want the output to be displayed or stored? How should it integrate with the rest of the program? – Potatoswatter Apr 9 '11 at 9:30
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What you'll want is some form of GUI library - you could use, say, ncurses, but graphs in a terminal are rather difficult. Any GUI library will do it.

FLTK is the easiest to pick up and can definitely accommodate your problem, but GTK should also do it, along with wxWidgets et al.

Failing that, OpenGL is probably a hacky way to get it done!

Hope this helps.

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Did you heard about ChartDirector. I used to use it but don't know if they have a 3D scatter chart. Try

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