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I am using PowerBuilder 12 for one of the application. I have deployed the project as an exe. But when i run the exe in a client machine it asks for some PB dlls. Is there any PowerBuilder client 12 runtime available for this, or is there a different way to deploy the exe.



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You need the deployment DLLs, no matter what kind of target you've created. However, which deployment DLLs you need depends on what kind of target you've created and what features you're using. The guide to determining which DLLs you need is the "Application Techniques" manual, particularly the "Packaging an Application for Deployment" and "Deploying Applications and Components" chapters. This manual (and others) came on your software distribution media (CDs, download), but they are also available at; they are available to view online or to download as PDFs.

Good luck,


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