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I'm a beginner. I want to do a sample app. In that I want to display 100 questions one by one each. If the user answers first question and he clicks next then I have to display another question. In this way I have to display 100 questions. The only way I know is taking 100 views.

Can you guys give me any best solution. And another doubt is how to display multiple answers randomly.

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I once thought that computer games like gothic had every possible screen state drawn by some designer and I felt terrible sorry for him and imagined how long he had to sit in some room and draw every picture, every state, etc. Just remembered this while reading your question. –  JustSid Apr 9 '11 at 11:12

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you have to do just load the question by only calling the viewDidload method at the next button click event.

you have to just take one

int count;

increment at the next button click event and from that count value you just load the question.

you can also use the arc4random function for generating the random number.

int r = arc4random() % 100;

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You can use Random() for displaying the random answer which is the inbuilt function of the iOS

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