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I recently discovered the org-mode in emacs and it works very well for me. I also like I would like to be able to sync my org-mode file and RTM list. I know that RTM has its API exposed as web services. I am currently looking for a HTTP library that I could use to write my script. I found a couple of links but I am still not entirely satisfied.

Any pointers in doing web service interactions with emacs would be very useful. Also please keep in mind that I'm not a seasoned emacs expert. I have broken the initial barriers of emacs and can find my way around elisp. So, be gentle. :-)

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Emacs ships with url.el and url-http.el. Although http-get.el, http-post.el and http-cookies.el are in vogue today. Here's the GitHub link where you can get it from.

Any other suggestions are also welcome.

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If I were to work on this, I'd use Pymacs to interface Emacs to Python and then use the existing Python API kit for Remember the Milk. Why re-implement all the HTTP crud yourself?

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