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Can one of the popular Java mocking frameworks like EasyMock or Mockito be used to mock Clojure protocols defined with defprotocol? If so, how?

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You should be able to mock protocols using any mock library. Under the covers, every protocol uses a Java interface as an implementation detail, and you could just mock that interface.

That said, don't do this! Mocking in Java is absurdly complex because of reflection, protection levels, final classes, etc. Any time you want a Clojure object that implements a protocol, simply call reify, e.g.

 (defprotocol Foo (method-a [_]) (method-b [_]))
 -> Foo

 (let [stub (reify Foo (method-a [_] :stubbed))] 
   (method-a stub))
 -> :stubbed

Note that you need not stub the methods you don't plan to call.

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That's stubbing. What about mocking? How would you define and verify expectations idiomatically? –  Daniel Dinnyes Mar 18 '13 at 16:53

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