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I'm developing a Verlet based simulation engine in Processing ( similar to java ). I'm having some troubles with 2 particles joined by a stick constraint and colisioning with a box. I have some code that detects the colision, but i don't know how to do some realistic response...

Here is my code:

public void colisionStickCamilla(){
    //Point of the box
      PVector vo = new PVector(width/2,height,0);

      for(int i = 0;i<constraints.size();i++){
       Stick st = (Stick) constraints.get(i);
       Sphere s1 = st.gets1();
       Sphere s2 = st.gets2();
       //Particle's psoitions
       PVector v1 = s1.getVector();
       PVector v2 = s2.getVector();

       //Intersection with the upper part of the box
       PVector inter = interseccionPlano(new PVector(width/2,height+50,0),new PVector(0,-1,0),v1,v2);

       //Restricting to the limited plane
       if(inter.x > width/2-50 && inter.x < width/2+50  && inter.dist(new PVector(-1,-1,-1))!= 0){
         //Do some response to colision

        float dist1 = v1.dist(inter);
        float dist2 = v2.dist(inter);
        //Previous position
           PVector posAnt = s1.getPosicionAnterior();
           PVector mov = v1.get();
          PVector posAnt = s2.getPosicionAnterior();
          PVector mov = v2.get();

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What kind of response do you get now, and what's wrong with it? – Beta Apr 9 '11 at 13:37
I add to the colision point closest particle an amount of movement in the oposite direction of his movement. But then, the stick go through the box. I want to prevent the stick to go into the box. Thanks – srgank Apr 9 '11 at 13:51

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