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I have php code like:

class Foo {
  public $anonFunction;
  public function __construct() {
    $this->anonFunction = function() {
      echo "called";

$foo = new Foo();
//First method
$bar = $foo->anonFunction();
//Second method
//Third method that doesn't work

Is there a way in php that I can use the third method to call anonymous functions defined as class properties?


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Not directly. $foo->anonFunction(); does not work because PHP will try to call the method on that object directly. It will not check if there is a property of the name storing a callable. You can intercept the method call though.

Add this to the class definition

  public function __call($method, $args) {
     if(isset($this->$method) && is_callable($this->$method)) {
         return call_user_func_array(

This technique is also explained in

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thanks, at least now I know that it's not possible but it's possible via a workaround. –  radalin Apr 9 '11 at 14:41

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